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At Get Private we offer a greater perspective on obtaining private medical insurance, giving you impartial advice, an informed choice and the cover that meets your needs.

We know our market well and our reputation in the market speaks volumes. Indeed, such is the strength of our relationships with the major insurance companies that we have earned their respect and so they respect our point of view. Which of course ultimately benefits you.

Our skills in placing the right client with the right insurer at the right premium, means we consistently meet our clients' expectations year on year. Coupled with our exacting levels of service, provided at no direct cost to you, this ensures we retain the confidence of our clients and remain at the forefront of the healthcare adviser market.

We place a huge amount of importance in maintaining the highest standards when planning, placing and administering your policy. And of course, advising when you need us most, in the unfortunate event of a claim.

We don't just wish you, your family and your colleagues the best of health, we proactively ensure you get the very best of healthcare insurance.

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